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The Divinity Of Christ
The Divinity of Christ is one of the most important and vital subjects in the Christian doctrine. Many heresies rose against it in various eras, and the Church confronted them and replied to them. The most dangerous was the Arian Heresy which reached its peak in the fourth century and led to many Ecumenical Councils being held. The first Ecumenical Council in history was held in 325 A.D., attended by 318 bishops from all the churches of the world. Arius and his heresy were refuted, and the Christian Creed was formulated. Nevertheless, the residues of Arianism have continued to spread even till this day. We will provide proofs which will include clear verses from the Holy Bible pertaining to Our Lords Divinity with respect to: (1) Him being the Logos (the Word) (2) His relation with the Holy Spirit (3) His relation with Heaven (4) His relation with the Father (5) Him being the Only Son (6) Him being the Only Son of God (7) Him being the Lord (8) Him being the Redeemer and Saviour (9) The belief in Him (10) His Divine qualities (11) His authority over all Creation (12) His miracles ........ HH Pope Shenouda III



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