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27A Revelation - Commentary on the Book of Revelation - Small
The Holy Bible began with the Book of Genesis that proclaimed the endless love of God towards man. He created everything for him, bestowed authority upon him and granted him that much dignity. Yet the scene soon changed and the picture was distorted. Man appeared leaving Paradise expelled, degraded and bearing upon his shoulders the bitter crime of mutiny. He was afraid to meet with God and escaped from the divine justice. But thanks be to God who did not leave man to live in this way aroused by sin. He concluded His Bible by the Book of Revelation giving us a joyous picture; an open gate in heaven, an eternal Paradise awaiting humanity, divine bosom hastening towards mankind, heavenly harps, joy and heavenly wedding for man. What a delightful and splendid book that is appropriate for every believer to hold, keep at heart, meditate on, and constantly repeat day and night. It is the book of hope, victory and praise; entirely, the book of heaven.



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