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10 Samuel II - Commentary on the Second Book of Samuel
I and II Samuel were just one Book in Hebrew manuscripts. It may have received its name because Samuel is the main character in all incidents that took place in the first part of the Book. He is the first to anoint kings for Israel and the first to offer that type of prophetic historical writing inspired by the Holy Spirit. Samuel means "Name of God" or "His name is El (God)," and also means "God heard." In the Septuagint, the Book was just divided into two for practical reasons; to use 2 scrolls and was considered part of the "Kingdoms' Books" (I and II Sam., I and II Kings) being Books that contain a full history of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. In the Hebrew edition done by Daniel Bomberg in the year 1517, the Book was divided into two. Presently, the division is that from the Septuagint and the name follows the Hebrew.



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