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06 Joshua - Commentary on the Book of Joshua
Standing with awe and admiration before the great among the prophets, Moses, the receiver of the Law, and the first leader of the people of God, who brought them out of the land of bondage and the bitter servitude of Pharoh, by the mighty arm of the Lord; Yet, as a representative of the Law, he could not bring them into the land of promise, to enjoy Jerusalem, the city of the great King, and to establish there the temple of the Lord. He had to get them across the wilderness, but to stop at the rim of the River Jordan, on the mountain of Moab; there, to look from afar toward the land of promise, yet not to enter it; leaving that to ‘Joshua’, the new leader, as a representative of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is alone capable of realizing what the Law could not do, to bring us up to the inheritance; and by whom the promises, long awaited by humanity, are realized.



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