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01 Genesis - Commentary on the Book of Genesis
The Book of Genesis as the first Book of the Holy Bible, is considered as the living entry to the understanding of the Word of God; giving us the broad lines that were revealed and realized in the Books to follow. In the Book of Genesis, as God proclaims His love of man through creation, He keeps on talking of His love through the renewal of creation, until the new earth and the new heaven appear in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Genesis, there was the invitation to Abraham for his children to inherit the Kingdom of heaven; While in the New Testament, the Kingdom appeared proclaimed in the children of Abraham ... So that we can say with St. Augustine: [In the New Testament alone, the New Testament is concealed in the Old]. In the Book of Genesis we discover the Person of the Lord Christ as the Savior, proclaimed through clear prophecies and numerous symbols. The Lord Christ stays as the main subject of the Books, to see Him “ Himself, yesterday, today, an till eternity”; who came to save the sinners, and to promise His ultimate coming to embrace us to His glory as a sanctified bride for Him.



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