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CONTEMPLATIONS ON THE RESURRECTION BY H. H. POPE SHENOUDA III The book contains: 1. General Theoretical Theology on the Resurrection or the philosophy of the resurrection written in a style which suits all denominations. It also explains how resurrection is an essential necessity, uses and benefits gained from it both spiritually and generally. 2. Topics concerning the resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ; glory be to Him, It comprises the events of the resurrection and explains its power and its effects; how Jesus' resurrection surpasses other resurrections; the blessedness of this resurrection and its effects on your life; the joys caused by it and the proofs and confirmation of its authenticity. 3. Questions related to the resurrection. A question about the glorified body; a question about the words of the Lord to Mary Magdalene "Do not hold on to me. "; two other questions about Saint Peter, the apostle and a question about the circumstances of the resurrection and to what extent its events agree with each other. This last question needs a separate and complete article, which will be delivered on another occasion; God willing. Now, I wish you a happy Easter and good returns. Pope Shenouda III - April 1990



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