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The ALPHA: The New COEPA Website

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to members of the ALPHA: The New COEPA website for their rerecording of Ragheb Moftah’s Collection of Coptic Orthodox Liturgical Music in superior quality audio digital format.  This unique production captures the pris tine beauty of the original sounds and traditional arrangements of Coptic Orthodox Church hymnology as chanted by Coptic virtuosi personally selected by my uncle Ragheb Moftah.


Now I may humbly repeat what I mentioned earlier in my essay entitled:  “Ragheb Moftah and Coptic Music”.


The successful preservation of the Coptic music heritage will be the enduring memorial of this humble genius [Ragheb Moftah] for whom Coptic music remained a passion throughout his long life.”


Indeed, the new C OEPA website - Alpha has honored my uncle Ragheb Moftah and kept his legacy alive.

My uncle Ragheb Moftah presented a copy of his entire collection of the Coptic Orthodox Church liturgical hymns on audio-cassettes to COEPA and gave its members permission to reproduce it as well as make it available worldwide.  COEPA has honored Ragheb Moftah’s wish and produced it in a CD format for the first time. COEPA’s high quality recording and the clarity of sound were acknowledged by music scholars as the best production of the Ragheb Moftah’s liturgical hymns and as a result it has attracted the admiration of Coptic Orthodox Churches as well as other prestigious institutions worldwide. Obviously, members of the ALPHA: the COEPA website have highly sophisticated technical skills in order to produce a recording of this high quality.

Again, my commendations to all members of the ALPFA website for their enormous effort. Thanks to them the preservation of our Coptic hymnology heritage is one step closer to being assured for humanity.

Laurence Moftah (Ragheb Moftah’s niece)

December 26, 2010


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